Veranda Hotel in Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

Built in 1857 and abandoned in 1926. The building was originally planned to be the parish courthouse. After the parish gave up this idea the property was purchased by private businessmen who constructed the Veranda Hotel. This picture was taken from 1987 calendar published by the First National Bank of Abbeville. This is a picture of the Veranda Hotel, which stood on the corner of State and Concord Streets for about 70 years until it was demolished to make room for the Audrey Hotel. The building was begun about 1845 by P�re M�gret himself as a courthouse building. He stopped working on it when the parish seat was moved back to Perry’s Bridge in 1848. The parish seat was moved back to Abbeville in 1854, four months after M�gret’s death (December 1853). The police jury bought the property at M�gret’s succession sale, but then decided that instead of finishing that building, they would build a wooden courthouse directly on the courthouse square. In 1857 the police jury sold this property with the unfinished building to Joseph Gallet, who completed the building and opened it as the Veranda Hotel.

 By Gary E. Theall on behalf of the Vermilion Historical Society.