Emethilde Broussard was born 11 Jul 1862 the third child of Augustin Colomb Broussard and Josephine Elodie Marie LeBlanc . She married Odra Emmanuel Segura the son of Gabriel Aurelien Segura and Adelaide Clara Miguez on 09 Jan 1879 in St Mary Magdlene Catholic Church in Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. They had five children — Simonet Odra Segura married Evelia Sonnier, Marie Ella Segura died young, Joseph Otto Segura married Mabel Weston, James Mehault “Mayo” Segura married Edna Marie LeBlanc, and Mary May Segura married Viley Joseph “V.J.” Chauvin. They farmed along the banks of Lake Peigneur, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. Odra sold the property to the Breaux family for $17000 and moved into Erath in his later years. Emethilde died 22 Dec 1958 at Heritage Manor New Iberia, Iberia Parish, Louisiana. Odra was born 10 Dec 1859 and died 14 Feb 1935 in Erath, Vermillion Parish, Louisiana