General L.J. Francois Robin

General Robin is the great, great, great granfather of W.C. Pete Lavergne. General Robin’s son Napoleon (1812-1892) fathered Emile (1844-1931) and Emil fathered Auguste (1876-1962), the grandfather of W.C. Pete Lavergne, who fathered his mother Louise (1904-1988). General Robin’s father was Francois Simon Dositee (1760-1834) and Francois’s father was Joseph Pascal Robin (1735-?)

General Robin arrived in this country shortly after Napoleon’s defeat and exile, and he first settled in St. Louis, Mo. Later he came to St. Landry Parish, and settled near what is now Leonville. He had five sons, of these we have traced the names of four — Frank, Napoleon, Theodule (who is portrayed in his mothers arms), and Elisiphor.

Numa, Placide and Michele were sons of Frank Simon who was the son of Theodule Emile who was the son of Napoleon,. He married a Darby and his children were: Homer, Auguste, Edouard, Emar, Gaston, Marie and Ida. Of this last named family, all are living except Edouard.

This picture is in the possession of Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Chauvin of Opelousas.

Pete researches Lavergne and Bourque on the parental side and the Robin and Quebedeau or Quebedeaux on the maternal side. The Lavergnes migrated to New Orleans from France, The Bourque could have come from Nova Scotia. The Robin’s came from France as Joseph Pascal Robin was born abt. 1735 and also died in France. The Quebedeau were in the U.S. since 1845 as his great grandfather was Joseph Demosthenes Quebedeau who was born 1845 and died 1903. There is no proof as to whether they came from Nova Scotia.

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