Joseph Bazile Broussard and Louisiane Trahan Family of Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

Joseph Bazil Broussard born 02 Jan 1844 to Don Louis J. Broussard and Virginie Emerante Broussard married Louisiane Trahan born 1846 to Jean Onesime Trahan and Tarsille Angelle Blanchet.
The girl in the back is Marie Broussard who married Oliphiade Hebert the son of Octavie Hebert and Adelaide Broussard
Next row left to right John Gladu Broussard, Louisiane Trahan holding Effie Broussard, Joseph Bazile Broussard with Virginia Ertha Broussard in front, and Whitney Broussard,

John Gladu Broussard was born 24 Dec 1883 and married Hattie Loucinda Sutton daughter of John Butler Sutton and Fannie Beatrice Harkness.