Augustin Colomb Broussard and Josephine Elodie Marie LeBlanc Family at Home on Lake Peigneur, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

Augustin Colomb Broussard was the son of Augustin Aurelien Broussard and Marie Coralie Broussard and Josephine Elodie Marie LeBlanc was the daughter of Simon “Simonette” LeBlanc and Celeste Dupre

Augustin Colomb Broussard is holding the baby Rene who later became a hardware dealer in Gueydan, Kaplan and married Mercedes Marie Shaw. The woman to Augustin’s left is Emethilde Broussard who married Odra Emmanuel Segura. This picture belong to Ruth Zulma Broussard the daughter of Rene Broussard and Mercedes Mercedes Marie Shaw.

Augustin Broussard and his wife Josephine Elodie LeBlanc lived on the Vermilion side of Lake Peigneur, across from Jefferson Island Salt Mine. They referred to the lake as “Lake Simonette” after Elodie’s father, Simonette LeBlanc. Elodie’s mother was Celeste Dupre who was born in Lafourche Parish.

Augustin’s father, grandfather and great grandfather were all Augustin Broussards. The great grandfather Augustin, son of Charles Brossard and Madeline LeBlanc, migrated to Louisiana from Canada as and orphan, with an uncle Desire Leblanc, the son Rene LeBlanc and Elisabeth Melanson. Desire was a half brother of Madeline LeBlanc.

Augustin Colomb Broussard and Elodie LeBlanc had nine children. Their family consisted of Nicolas married Amanda Theriot, Elias Gabriel married Palmyre LeBlanc, Emethilde married Odra Emmanuel Segura, Rosa died young, Alice married Paul Leopold Gary, Emma Marie married Jules Oliver LeBlanc , Noemie Marie married John Berwick Shaw, Zuleme Eleonore married Edward Primeaux, and Rene married Mercedes Marie Shaw. Augustin was a farmer and stock raiser. When he was young he hit his head on a tree trunk when thrown from a horse; he never fully recovered and died at the young age of 53 years.