Augustin Colomb Broussard and Josephine Elodie Marie LeBlanc Children

Front Row left to right — Elias, Nicholas and Rene Broussard
Top Row left to right — Alice, Ementhilde, Noemi, Emma, and Zulme Broussard

1 — Nicholas Broussard born 02 Oct 1858 Married Amanda Theriot
2 — Elias Gabriel Broussard born 20 Apr 1860. Married Palmyre LeBlanc daughter of Darmas LeBlanc and Amelie Viator
3 — Emethilde Broussard born 11 Jul 1862. Married Odra Emmanuel Segura son of Gabriel Aurelien Segura and Adelaide Clara Miguez
4 — Alice Broussard born 02 Oct 1868. Married Paul Leopold Gary son of Paul Philosin Garryo and Adoliska Bourque
5 — Emma Marie Broussard born 04 May 1871. Married Jules Oliver LeBlanc son of Severin LeBlanc and Leontine Blanchet
6 — Noemie Marie Broussard born 14 Sep 1873. Married John Berwick Shaw son of Granville Berkwick Shaw and Zulma Marie Bernard
7 — Zuleme Eleonore Broussard born 29 Dec 1875. Married Edward Primeaux
8 — Rene Broussard born 12 Apr 1879Married Mercedes Marie Shaw daughter of Granville Berkwick Shaw and Zulma Marie Bernard